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Mitzel Farms CBD LLC opened in Wyoming in the spring of  2021 with the mission of offering  CBD tinctures, gummies, and salves made from hemp grown on our three generation farm located on Clear Creek near the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. We are a small company and our farm is a small sustainable farm, we feel that we grow the best hemp.  We are located at the 45th parallel and have the proper season and day length for hemp.  Irrigation water comes from Clear Creek, which has some of the best water quality in the country and our soil is a rich, sandy loam.  Our remote location has been certified organic for over twenty years.  Only organic fertilizers and pest remedies have been used.  

Hemp is processed into CBD Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum oils and distillates at Primo Gardens, Inc., a licensed and insured facility in Denver, CO.   Products are manufactured there as well.  


Safety is highly important and we test the hemp, the crude oil and the distillates as well as all products.  Purity - including free of pesticides, mold, herbicides and heavy metals - is guaranteed with 3rd party testing.   The COA or Certificate of Analysis on each product is available using the QR code or upon request.  Mitzel Farms CBD LLC makes no claim to cures of any diseases, or ailments of any sort.   

     When you purchase Mitzel Farms CBD products,

                you know where your CBD comes from .

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